I Found...

The next time the answers to your questions about your core beliefs may not come from a place you may expect.

Tony Morriss colorful and scholarly narrative brings readers inside the world of the incarcerated. It is an environment where the average person would never expect to receive answers to some of the most life-altering questions for their lives.

While he was incarcerated, Tony Morris

never imagined his life would be positively impacted in prison, where he met men from all walks of life and various cultural backgrounds. His perspective on those experiences gives insight and empowerment to those who may be facing challenges in their lives.

Tony Morris takes us on an extraordinary journey with fascinating eyewitness accounts of courage, endurance, and discovery as he served his forty-month prison sentence. In one of the most challenging environments a person could experience, Tony Morris discovers that God, faith, and life are just as real in prison as they are outside of prison.

As you read his account, it becomes clear that you can gain a wealth of experience wherever you are if you remain open to the opportunity to learn and discover what you believe and stand for.

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