DeAntwan Fitts

Monday, from 18:00 to 19:00

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DeAntwan Fitts is a multiple award-winning Pastor, Entrepreneur, and Ambassador of Positive Change who has earned the reputation as a community leader across Los Angeles.

Spending his childhood in the inner city, DeAntwan was and still is no stranger to the many hardships faced by those in the inner city. Once he let Jesus Christ into his life in 1994, he made it his lifelong calling to bring light into people’s lives while strengthening the inner city in the form of inspirational initiatives, mentorship, and spiritual guidance. He believes that the church should be the training ground for the community.

Currently, DeAntwan serves as the Pastor at Peace Chapel and the Co-Founder of Rebuild California Alliance, where he is dedicated to providing housing and supportive services to transitional aged young adults. He is also a Co-Founder of Restore Hope Faith-Based Alliance and The Los Angeles Community Festival, a festival that offers entertainment and invaluable resources to his fellow community members. Most recently, he taught leadership development to high school students on probation.

DeAntwan Fitts is happily married to his lovely wife of two decades and they are the proud parents of five beautiful children. His loved ones inspire him to put his best foot forward daily, but above all, they drive him to create a legacy that will continue to impact the people of Los Angeles for generations to come.


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